You might be asking yourself, “Do I need a website for my lawn mowing business?” if your company has made it this far without one. If my company is already successful without one, what’s the point?

In a nutshell, there has never been a better or more crucial time to spend money on a website for your company. For small businesses, having a website offers a wide range of advantages, many of which grow exponentially in value over time, much like the Internet itself.

Not persuaded?

Ten of the greatest advantages that even a basic website can provide for your small business have been compiled by us.

Here are TEN reasons why you need a website for your lawn mowing business

1. A website makes your lawn mowing business look professional

84% think that a website makes your company more credible than businesses who have only social media profiles. Your website is the ideal place to display any professional certificates or awards that your business holds.

A website allows you to create a custom email address (e.g. adds professionalism to your correspondence, especially if it’s been a while since you used an email address for business purposes. Some email marketing tools do not allow users to send emails from their personal addresses. You will need a business account to make the most of email advertising.

2. Google can help you find new customers for your lawn mowing business

While you may be content with your current business size, every company experiences customer turnover. You need to attract new customers to ensure your business continues to thrive. One of the best ways is to make yourself more visible on Google. Google indexes social media networks. These posts can be found using the search engine. However, a website allows you to access many other tools and strategies for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is key to getting your business on Google’s first page.

Although the term “lawn mowing Brisbane” may seem intimidating, in reality, it is very simple. Enter keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business in a keyword search tool. Then, find the ones that get the most traffic from Google, and then create your content around these phrases. Each piece of content should focus on a different keyword so that your site can rank higher for those keywords.

3. Show photos of your lawn mowing services

High-quality photographs on your website can help you show potential customers the benefits of working with you. You can also publish information about your products or services on your website in order to attract the right customers. Showing before and after photos is a great way to show the quality of the work provided.

4. Show testimonials and reviews on your website

It is a great way for social proof to display your most positive reviews and/or testimonials prominently. You might also consider customer reviews and testimonials. You can also be featured if your business appears in local newspapers or blogs. Your website can also be used to publish your best reviews. This serves the secondary purpose, which is to create a permanent archive. You’ll still be able to access your top reviews even if third party review sites cease to exist in the future.

5. Your website is a great way to attract new lawn mowing customers

Websites are a great way to make your contact information readily available to potential customers. Your contact information can be published in a header and footer to make it appear on every page. Modern website builders make it easy to create contact forms that can help protect your business email address from spam.

6. Google Maps can be integrated with your website so that people can find you easier

You can embed maps directly in your website. It makes it easy to locate your business even if you don’t live in the area. This is especially important if your events attract people who might not otherwise be interested in your area.

7. Your website establishes your place in the garden/lawn care industry

71% small business owners have websites, and 81% customers search online before buying products. This means that if you aren’t online, your competitors will have the first interaction with customers.

A website allows you to communicate the essence of your business, your industry role, and connect with customers.

8. It is easy to build and maintain a website.

Modern website builders such as Squarespace or Wix allow you to create a mobile-friendly, attractive site with no programming knowledge. Even WordPress has been replaced by a block editor. It’s now easier than ever to create a functional and attractive website.

9. Your website is always working for you

Your website never sleeps and is a 24/7 shop front for your lawn mowing business.

Your business will be invisible to the world without a website. Without a website, your business will be invisible as we move further into the digital age.

Your business must be online if you want to remain competitive in an increasingly digital world.

10. All of these benefits can be had without spending a lot.

It’s easier to build a website than ever before. A simple and non-technical DIY approach can help you build a website that costs less than $100 per year.

WordPress is again the most popular method to create a website. The core software is free. You can add free WordPress themes to your site or buy premium themes on many online marketplaces.

Do I really need a website to promote my lawn mowing business?

You’ve probably realized by now that the question isn’t “Do I need a site for my business?” but rather “Can I afford not to have website in this digital age”. If you want to thrive long-term, the answer is no. It is becoming increasingly difficult to stay afloat with a website. Your customers and competitors are online. If you don’t intervene, they will connect with you and leave you in the dust.

Find more information about starting a lawn mowing business and building your own website here.


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