Australia has more and more candle crafters emerging and more and more shops popping up to sell these beautiful pieces of art. This blog looks at some of these upcoming Australian candle crafters, their work and explains why they are worth our attention. These candle crafters have a passion for what they do and their art reflects the passion they have.

This blog also looks at the different types of candles that are available and how they are used in different settings and look at what is trending and what may be coming up in the future, who knows, they might inspire you to start your own candle business.


There’s something about glasshouse candles that just makes them so special. Maybe it’s the way they glow when lit, or the way they make any room feel instantly more inviting. Whatever the reason, we just can’t get enough of them!

Glasshouse candles are made with a special type of glass that helps to diffuse the light and create a warm, inviting ambiance. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, so you can find the perfect one to suit your home. And because they’re made with high-quality materials, they burn evenly and slowly, so you can enjoy their relaxing scent for hours on end.

Glasshouse candles are created in Sydney, and are the leading manufacturer of scented candles, diffusers, and body care items in Australia.


Meeraboo candles are handcrafted in Australia using the finest quality natural waxes and lead-free wicks. Each candle is individually made with care and attention to detail, ensuring a beautiful and long-lasting burn.

The Meeraboo range includes a variety of scents to suit all tastes, from the fresh and uplifting to the deep and relaxing. Whether you’re looking for a candles to fill your home with a warm and inviting atmosphere, or a special gift for a loved one, Meeraboo candles are sure to please.

Best sellers include: Honey & Hay; Mint Mojito; Strawberries & Champagne

Sage and Honey

Looking for a unique and special gift? Sage and Honey candles australia make the perfect present for any occasion. Each candle is hand-poured with a blend of natural beeswax, soy wax and essential oils. This results in a beautiful, long-lasting and intensely fragrant candle.

The scents of sage and honey are known to have calming and grounding properties, making these candles ideal for use in meditation or simply to enjoy in your own home. The clean-burning nature of beeswax also makes these candles a healthier choice than those made with paraffin wax.

Whether you are looking for a gift for a friend or a treat for yourself, Sage and Honey candles australia are sure to please.

Peppermint Grove

Peppermint Grove candles australia are a popular brand of scented candles. They are made with a blend of natural ingredients, including peppermint oil, which gives them their refreshing and invigorating scent. Peppermint Grove candles are available in a range of sizes and styles, making them perfect for any setting. Whether you’re looking for a candle to use in your home or office, or as a gift for someone special, Peppermint Grove candles are sure to please.

Urban Apothecary

Urban Apothecary candles are made with a unique blend of essential oils and natural ingredients, making them perfect for use in any room of your home. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing, uplifting or invigorating scent, Urban Apothecary candles have something to suit everyone.

Based in Australia, Urban Apothecary candles are made using the highest quality ingredients and essential oils. Each candle is hand-poured with love and care, ensuring that each one is as perfect as possible.

Whether you’re giving them as a gift or treating yourself, Urban Apothecary candles are sure to please. With a wide range of scents available, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Circa Home

Circa Home candles are made in Australia using only the finest quality ingredients. The candles are hand-poured and made with a natural soy wax blend, which makes them clean burning and long lasting. The scents are inspired by the Australian landscape, and each candle is designed to transport you to a different place. Whether you want to relax by the beach, or escape to the bush, there’s a Circa Home candle for you.

The Aromatherapy Company (NZ)

The Aromatherapy Company candles are made with a unique blend of essential oils that are designed to promote relaxation and wellbeing. The candles are hand-poured in New Zealand and use only the highest quality ingredients. The Aromatherapy Company candles are a perfect way to create a tranquil atmosphere in your home.


Dusk candles are made in Australia and they are known for their beautiful, handcrafted candles. Each candle is made with a unique blend of essential oils and beeswax, which gives them a lovely, natural scent. Dusk candles are also made with a natural wick, which ensures a clean, even burn.

Dusk candles are the perfect way to create a relaxing, inviting atmosphere in your home. Whether you’re lighting them for a romantic dinner, to unwind after a long day, or just to enjoy their lovely fragrance, Dusk candles are sure to please.


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