One of the best advantages of working for yourself and running your own gardening business is the ability to set your own rates.
It’s good to be free from other people’s price expectations and be allowed to establish the standard however you deem appropriate and profitable. However, there are times when deciding which price guide is appropriate for you can be a bit difficult.

How much is too much? What is a reasonable price for the client? What pays your expenses in full?

From the viewpoint of a new lawn mowing business, we highlight the key elements of pricing in the following guidance.

What factors to consider when pricing your gardening services

Like many businesses when they first start out, deciding on pricing is a difficult one. With gardening, there are 3 key factors that will determine how you price a job. Whilst you can have some set pricing for general tasks, the actual cost of a job will be influenced by these key factors. These include:

  1. The current state of the garden and yard
  2. Equipment you will require
  3. The frequency and urgency of required gardening services

Let’s take a look at each one in more detail.

1. The current state of the garden

The are many factors to a gardens current state or condition that can affect how you price a job. As not every garden is the same, you will need to factor these into your pricing. They include.

2. Gardening equipment required to get the job done

When starting your gardening business you will need to invest in a range of products. These should be suitable for most jobs, however there may be jobs that require specific equipment, and if you do not have these then you may have to purchase or hire this equipment to get the job completed and this will incur additional costs.

3. Garden care frequency and urgency

The frequency and urgency of lawn mowing services is the 3rd factor to consider. If a customer would like their lawn mowed more regularly then you can customise a lawn care package to suit their needs. This can include a discount due to the more frequent lawn mowing required. Being more frequent, there will most likely be less to do each time as the grass shouldn’t have grown too much in that time. If someone requires an urgent lawn care service, then you can offer a “rush fee” and charge more for the service.

Other costs associated with gardening to consider

The costing of the job is only the beginning. You should also consider other aspects of the job. These are:

Find out what other garden businesses are charging

In the end, it is the gardening care company that will determine the rate they charge. Each one will be different. While some require a minimum rate, others charge a call fee to evaluate the lawn and give an accurate quote based upon the work being done. Some may give an estimate based on their experience, judgment, or both. Others will use a systematic system to factor in all the charges and factors.

Jump onto sites such as Airtasker, Gumtree, or even your local Facebook page and check out what other gardening companies are charging. You could even just make a post on Facebook groups to see what customers are willing to pay. This will help you get a good idea of what you can charge.

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