Reading CNN this morning, I happened upon a short article that provided some tips for Tweeting on Twitter.

As Tweeting, or micro-blogging, continues to rise in popularity, these tips should help to grow your follower base.

Current Twitter statistics and trends for 2022

In July 2022, advertisers could reach 486.0 million users on Twitter, making it 14th among the most ‘active’ social media sites in the world (a). (b)

Additionally, information made available in the company’s self-service advertising tools reveals that the number of active Twitter users has increased consistently over the last three months.

In the three months before to July 2022, the total number of users that advertisers can reach with Twitter ads climbed by almost 21 million (+4.5%).

According to the most recent statistics, 6.1% of the world’s population currently uses Twitter.

However, Twitter’s “eligible” use percentage will probably be greater than these numbers indicate because the business only allows users 13 and older to utilise its site.

Happy Tweeting.

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